About Us

Who Is This Church?

We view the role of the local church (and of the family) as a primary source of Biblical teaching, where morals and ethics can be taught, and where wholesome character and integrity can be cultivated. This church is not a place made of wood, stucco, or cement, but instead is a group made up of dedicated (yet imperfect) people, each with his or her own talents which add to its strength. It is neither a military school nor a money-making institution, but rather this church is a part of the kingdom for which the Son of God gave His life.

We do not receive doctrines handed to us by any headquarters here on Earth. We follow the Bible as God’s word, and as our only insight to the way we should each live our lives. We have separate home Bible studies for men, women, teens, and children, as well as our congregational studies on Sundays and Thursdays. Through these studies, we feed the spiritual cravings which remind us to continually mature in God’s knowledge.

We also have several activities designed to grow our personal relationships with other members of God’s family. It is easier to do the right thing when others around you are helping, and these fun days promote the unity and fellowship needed to build strong friendships.

Why Meet With the Church?

Our young people (actually, all of us!) need to be encouraged to do the right thing (the Godly thing), which we find to be lacking in society today. Who will be the one to speak against pornography, drug use, theft, gang membership, and sexual activity? Who will counteract the nation’s fondness for homosexual and unmarried households? Who will teach your kids that aborting your future grandchild is wrong? Who will be there to discuss the problems of divorce? Of drinking? Of violence?

In other words, where will they learn morality? Will they get it from school? From a counselor? From the street? Will honesty, integrity, and honor just show up at age 18? We believe morality can come only from God’s word, since God is the Author of these unchanging standards. We believe the church and the home should work together over time to equip our minds with these characteristics of righteousness.

We invite you to come worship and study with us. Look around the website and send us an email if you have any questions.